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Hi, I am Lori Hurrell – I have been where you are now!

I wondered how or if I could ever get fit, healthy and feel like the best version of myself.  I can tell you, it’s a journey, and mine has been a wild and bumpy ride. (Read the long version here)

For years I struggled with my weight and body image and it has taken me a long time to realize that I can be the best version of myself at pretty much any weight. The great news is that there is always room for improvement!

I love to inspire, educate and encourage other women to take “the journey worth taking”. I am passionate about the client/trainer relationship and relating in an authentic and caring way with my clients.

My mission is to help women, who are intimidated by the fitness industry (for whatever reason), feel empowered and better about themselves. I believe in a mind, body, spirit, holistic approach to fitness and wellness. I want women to accept where they are now, but with the mindset, that with consistency, determination, grace and compassion they can achieve their goals and more.

Let’s go on the journey together!

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori

My Services

Personal Training

Personal Training

We come to you and we bring the equipment.



Informative holistic health and wellness sessions



Full body workout, outside with friends.



Eat right for your goals.

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