Are you following “the rules”?

Are you following “the rules”?


Are you a rule follower?  Are you strict with yourself about working out and nutrition, to the point where you actually struggle sometimes and feel like a failure if you aren’t perfect?  Are you strict about following the rules about your life, your family, your job?

I know back in the day when I was managing people in retail, my staff used to call me the Nazi. I was such a stickler for the rules and how things should be done. Granted, there were rules from Head office that needed to be adhered to, but some of my obsessiveness was just born out of my own perfectionism. There was no space for nuance, only rules, and only one way to do things—the right way.

As I have gotten older and wiser,  I’ve since retired from that role….well semi-retired!  There is a part of me that still feels drawn to the allure of rules, of order, and integrity. But, I am more easy going in just about every area of my life because I have realized that most of the rules that I was following were self inflicted and didn’t always serve me.

Some rules are necessary and exist to keep us safe. Other rules are ones we devise in our jobs, our life, or a relationship to preserve the harmony and integrity of all parties involved. Rules are often in place for a purpose, but sometimes…. the rules don’t always work.rules

Sometimes we follow rules because we simply don’t know another way. We haven’t done the internal work to figure out what we truly want or need.  In following some rules, we can lose touch with our core feelings and desires—we can stray from the path we truly wish to follow. But here’s a universal truth: One of the most important things you can do in this life is commit to showing up as your true self.

In 2017, I have some fitness goals and some nutrition changes I want to make but I am going to be as relaxed about “the rules” as I possibly can, to reach my goals but also to live my life with passion and compassion. I don’t want to be following the rules from feelings of unworthiness or from perfectionism. I am going to trust my inner guide and my gut, and not just blindly follow societal or self- imposed rules.

As I have relaxed in general, and a whole lot on rule following, and pursued life with more ease and intuition and spirit filled joy, my desire for more honesty, integrity and passion has emerged even stronger.

So, as we close out 2016 and embark on 2017, what are your goals, your dreams, your passions?  And are you going to find them or figure them out from a place of integrity, honesty and worthiness or will you be a blind rule follower?

Some things to consider…….Are there any rules you might be following that are keeping you from showing up as your true self? Rules that don’t actually make your life better? Who makes these rules? And do they even work?

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori