Before and After

Before and After

I am a sucker for “Before” and “After” transformations.  I love to see what people can achieve and where they started to where they are in their “after”.  But these people are so much more than the photos or TV episodes that they share.  They are people just like me, or my clients who have struggles  and successes, families and friends and a life.

Do you ever think of your life in terms of “Before” and “After”?  For instance, before and after:  graduating school, marriage, kids, someone’s death or accident or disease? Some of these things can be positive and some can be downright sad or depressing.  As with anything it’s all in our perspective. You can look forward to the “after” or you can be stressed and/or paralysed with fear about the after or the unknown.

When we are in the now, or the “before” we wonder what the “after” will be like. In some instances it can fill us with anticipation or with dread.  But I want to suggest that we relish and embrace the now or the “before”, because being in the moment and knowing that you have the ability to move forward and get to the “after” is part of the beauty of the journey.

It has taken me a long time and much effort to transition to this way of thinking and being in the present.  I have learned to enjoy the journey and to make every effort to be prese
nt even in the tough times on my way to “after”.  During my Mum’s illness, I tried very hard to be present and to relish every moment I had with her.  Even though my “after” was having to deal with her death and not having her in my life, I remember those present moments with love and fondness.

In fitness, we are most often on a quest to an after….”after I lose 10-20-30 lbs”, “after I achieve ?”, “after I run this race” etc etc.  What we fail to realize is that there is growth in the journey! Being present and learning about ourselves, our bodies, and our emotions (cuz let’s face it, we do have some crazy emotions when we are prepping for something big!) is part of the process.

I am sharing this with you because I wanted very much to have some “Before and After”pictures of me on my website. I wanted to show that with dedication and proper programming and nutrition you can transform your body and make progress.  BUT, in the process, what I learned is that I am SO much more than the transformation. I learned about my strength, my stubbornness, my dedication, my integrity, my passions, my friendships, my family,  and most of all about my willingness to make mistakes along the way and to not give up and to enjoy the journey.  I am SO much more than “Before and After” photos!! Here they are anyway! J



In health and fitness,

Coach Lori