Blind spots

Blind spots

I spent this morning with an amazing woman and friend.  But while I should have come away feeling great from spending time with my friend, I came away feeling very unsettled!  Why?  Because she challenged me on some of my beliefs and how I see the world and some of my relationships.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not unsettled because she challenged me, but because I didn’t like what I learned about myself.  I thank her for being honest and showing me my blind spots, but that doesn’t mean that I am happy about it!

Isn’t that the way it is sometimes when we don’t want to face things or our belief system?  Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have these blind spots. My friend is incredibly wise and insightful and she obviously saw something in me that needed to be addressed, whether she or I knew it.  I am a strong, compassionate woman but also someone who wears my heart on my sleeve and gets hurt very easily. The hurts can go very deep and when not dealt with can just linger and fester and before we know it they colour how we relate to others.

I am grateful for my years and wisdom at this point in my life and the fact that I am self aware enough to know that I did have some of these blind spots and I can and should deal with them.  But what do you do if you don’t have a wise friend who shows you your blind spots?  Do you just go through life struggling and wondering why?

What if you have been trying to get fit and healthy and tried your darndest to eat healthy and you just can’t seem to get it done?  What then?  Well, my best advice is to do the hard work. Dig deep into yourself and your soul and investigate your triggers. Figure out your WHY.  Do you feel like you deserve that treat, or extra helpiblindsidedng? Why do you feel like that?  Why is food your reward?  What issue from your past makes you feel like that? Did you grow up in a family where food was scarce and money was tight?  Do you not know your self worth? Do you have self esteem issues?  Do you self sabotage? Are you hiding from a bigger pain? Is your idea of good food, skewed?  Do you need to educate yourself about proper nutrition or portions? Whatever the case may be, take some time to yourself and think about the underlying reasons why you have tried and failed in the past.

Getting healthy is more than just eating properly and exercising.  It’s also about becoming whole and being the best version of yourself. Your mental, spiritual, and physical state as well as your soul and relationships must be in balance. Let’s face it, not all of these things will be in complete sync all of the time. Living balanced can be difficult with life’s pace and challenges.  Taking time out for yourself may seem like it’s self indulgent and too difficult with all of your responsibilities, but trust me, you can’t be there for everyone else unless you take some time to nurture yourself.  It takes time, hard work and some soul searching to make positive long term changes but it can be done.

I know that I am going to do the hard work to “fix” my blind spots.  It won’t be easy but the first step is realizing that I need to do the work. The next step is whatever needs to be done next!  I know that I can do it, and I also know that you can do it. I am here if you need an encouraging word, or some help. You can email me at

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori