Life is too short!!

Life is too short!!

Happy 103 Birthday Grandma!!grandma-and-me

They say life is short!  In the case of my Grandma Moore… has been 103 years long so far!  When you see an elderly person, over  80, 90, or 100, can you even imagine the life they have lived?  Can you imagine the things they have seen, accomplished and endured?

I know that I spend lots of time, wasting time and dwelling on things that ultimately don’t matter.  As proven by my Grandma, life can be very long indeed.  Are you going to spend your time with the people you love, who encourage, support and motivate you?  Or are you going to spend time with people who bring you down, speak badly to you or about you and don’t encourage or support you?  Are you going to spend time doing things that you love, that challenge and excite you?  Or, time doing mundane, unexciting things that do not challenge you and excite you.

Time is a commodity and we don’t ever get back minutes that we waste. I know I have a very bad habit of “wasting” time watching Netflix when I could be crafting, reading, sewing, or spending time with friends.  Doing things I LOVE.  I am not saying that relaxing and taking some time to just “veg” is not OK.  What I AM saying is don’t let time slip away and allow yourself to miss doing the things you really want to do, or be with the people that you really want to be with!

My Grandma has seen a lot in her life time: the Model T Ford, the telephone, the phonograph, black and white and colour TV, a man on the moon, computers, the internet, social media, fast food, advances in medicine, science, education, and so much more.  She has also endured WWII, her husband going to war, the births of 5 children, the death of one of her children (my mom) and many other tragedies that I am surely not aware of.

How can we say life is short when she and many others have seen and endured, and accomplished so many things.  I guess in the grand scheme of things, if you believe in God and eternity, our time here is fleeting but when you hold the microscope up to Grandma’s life… sure has been long!

And if life is GOING to be long…..don’t you want to live it in the best way possible….strong and healthy and well?  At 103, my Grandma still reads and does crossword puzzles without glasses.  Until a few years ago, she still was able to get around with a walker.  Time has taken its toll but in her younger days, she was a great swimmer, basketball player and did many active things.  She obviously has great genes that have kept her well, and throughout her life, I do not remember her ever being sick.

Even though I am hoping that I have Grandma’s longevity, I know that I am going to do my best to do what I can to make my life, full, exciting and healthy. Training, great nutrition and an attitude of gratitude will go a long way to fulfilling these goals.

What about you?  How will you make the most of your life? I would be happy to hear your comments!

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori