Why I am writing a blog

Why I am writing a blog

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Isn’t everyone writing a blog these days?  Maybe I am wrong in this perception but that is NOT why I am writing a blog.  I am writing not because it’s “expected” of me, but rather because I want the ability to connect with my clients and other people, to share my wisdom/life experiences, and to offer encouragement and support.

As a small child writing became a way for me to process life and to get my feelings out and to have a record of what was happening in my life from day to day.  I remember my very first diary had a red plaid cover with gold edged pages and a tiny little lock.  The lock was very important to me because I didn’t want my brothers to read my diary.  I wrote about school, how I hated math, how I “loved” a certain boy and how much drama was going on at school.

I guess I got my love of writing about life from my mum. She always wrote in a journal and would even journal about our family vacations. Now that she is gone, my brothers and I treasure those vacation journals as a very special part of our mum. And I treasure that I have my mum’s voice in my head as I read them and love seeing her beautiful teacher handwriting.

I journal pretty much every morning and have done so for many years.  I have many filled journals with my horrible handwriting…I did not inherit my mum’s lovely script!  To have a written record of my life makes me happy and to know where I have been and what I have learned along the way spurs me on to new revelations and to wanting to learn more about myself and the world around me.  Most often this is a reminder to me that life is not stagnant. To keep moving is life’s way of making us learn and grow from our experiences, our joys and our pain.

Journalling about my gym experiences has also taught me so much about myself. It isn’t so much about my personal goals and how much I have lifted or how many squats I have done, but where my head was at on a given day and how I pulled myself out of a funk or how joyful I was at the gym when I helped someone or even how empowered I felt just sweating it out to my 70’s music.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog posts, as much as I will enjoy “writing” them. I intend to share my life with you and chat about life, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and anything else that strikes my fancy that I think will be encouraging and uplifting to you.

Till my next post….enjoy life and remember fitness is a journey worth taking!

Coach Lori

ps. If only that picture above could be me on a beach writing my blog….maybe some day!?