You’re in the club

You’re in the club

A while ago I was stopped in a line up of cars at a red light and in front of me was a person on a motorcycle.  I also observed that across the intersection was another person on a motorcycle.  This was not unusual to see cyclists or motorcyclists because it was midsummer.  What struck me as odd or very interesting, was once the traffic started moving, the two motorcycle guys made a “hi, how ya doing” wave of their hands at each other and I immediately thought, ‘hey, they’re in “the club”’.  It was odd because neither were wearing “the colours” of a club, or had the same motorcycle, or maybe weren’t even the same sex (who could tell with their helmets on?) or anything that would make me think they were in a club but all the same, they obviously felt some sort of brotherhood/sisterhood, or kinship with each other.

As I started to reflect on this, because that’s what one does, when one has these sorts of random insights, I realized that so often we aspire to be in some sort of club or at least want to feel like we belong.  I suppose it’s human nature.  As a child I was a Brownie, a Girl Guide, part of the Drama club, a singer in a Jazz choir and a member on a few sports teams.  But, I have also felt the sting of not being part of the “inside/cool girls” clique, not getting a spot on the team, or the lead in the musical.

As an adult we learn to deal with life’s disappointments.  We learn to grow a thicker skin and we move on and learn that we are not going to be liked by everyone and we are not going to fit into every group. We choose our friends, who we want to spend time with, what clubs/organizations we want to join and we choose activities and people within those groups who mirror our interests.

My interest in fitness was never part of my desire to become a member of a club. Over the years it has certainly become sort of like that, but my initial interest was purely self serving. I wanted to get fit and healthy for ME!!!  I did not feel any sense of needing to be in a club or to be part of a group. I knew I needed to get fit first for myself and secondly for those around me. It was an awakening of a true sense of self that propelled me to want to take care of myself, be healthier and live to see and play with my grandkids (some day).  But as I have journeyed into the fitness world and made some great friends and networked, I have in some small way become a part of a club. I have colleagues, mentors, friends and clients who are also in the club. Giving my time and energy to this “club” has improved my life, my sense of self, my attitudes and enriched my life beyond my dreams.

So whether it is by choice to join an organization, a “true”club or just to hanging out in a certain coffee shop or a gym, being part of a club can be a wonderful thing. It raises your awareness of who you are in relationship to others and can also make you ponder if you want to be part of the club or just have a kinship with people who have the same interests as you…..just like the guys on the motorcycles.  So the next time you are at a gym, a coffee shop, or at a group/club meeting take a look around and be thankful for the kinship you have with others in that moment.  They may look like they are just random people taking part in whatever, but they may also be there to teach you something about yourself, if you choose to take time to wonder about random insights.

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori