The Reason for the Season

The Reason for the Season

keep-calm-and-sing-christmas-songs-3I love Christmas songs!  They remind me of the reason for this season. So many songs at this time of year are about Joy, Peace, Hope, Love, Stillness and Silence.  Do you feel these things?  Do you see them in people’s faces as we all rush through the malls and drive madly down the streets? Do you feel the overwhelm, the stress, the knots in your neck, or your stomach? Why do we allow this to happen to ourselves?

We have forgotten the reason for the season; the birth of Jesus!

The word Christmas is actually two words; Christ (the Saviour of the world) and Mass (meaning festival) This is what Christ-mas is about – celebrating the birth of Christ.  We somehow get caught up in the furor of the presents, the food and the decorating; all of which are not bad. I love these things too, but when they overtake the true meaning of Christmas, it’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed.

If we truly remember the reason for the season, and be grateful for the Peace, Joy, Hope, Love, Comfort and Stillness that Jesus brings we can alleviate a lot of the stress that we all tend to feel at this time of year. We often forget in the hustle and bustle that it is a time to spend with those we love; family and friends. It is a time to create our own “mas”, a festival of love and joybaby jesus

Can’t you just picture it, the young parents of a baby, born in a manger on a December night?  Picture the joy that his parents must have felt, when he was born. Picture and try to feel the silence of the night (safe for the cows mooing and donkeys braying). Picture the quiet and stillness as they all drifted off to sleep once Jesus was wrapped up and fed.  What an amazing picture and vision to remind ourselves that we too can feel these things, if we just slow down and take the time to appreciate what all the songs are about!

The good news is that we have the ability to bring these feelings and visions into 2018. We can do this by being aware of our needs, and what we truly want in our lives. What are your values and what truly makes you joyful? For me, Christmas is a time for reflection of the past year and an opportunity to envision what I want in my life for 2018. Of course in my case, I believe that God has a plan for my life and I usually just need to get out of my own way and allow God to work.  This means being joyful in all that I do, and being grateful for the times that God brings hope, and peace into my life. However these are very counter-cultural feelings and not easy to find in today’s society!

I will be taking some time during these final weeks of 2017 for reflection and I urge you to take some time to reflect on the past year and what you want for your life in 2018.  Also, enjoy the music of the season and try to remember the tiny baby who came over 2000 years ago. He came to offer, love, joy, and peace, not only for this season but for all time.



BECOMING!  It brings to mind the caterpillar and the butterfly.  Both equally beautiful and unique in their own way, but both growing and transforming into what they are meant to be.  butterfly

September is often a time of change, growth and re-grouping. So, it’s a great time to do some mid-year reflections. It’s the start of a new school year for many, and a back to work season for most. Through all of what might be happening in your life, have you ever considered the person you are becoming? Is this something that resonates with you?

Wikipedia defines ”becoming” in these ways:

In philosophy, the concept of becoming originated in eastern ancient Greece with the philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, who in the sixth century BC, said that nothing in this world is constant except change and becoming.

 Bstill becomingecoming may refer to:


adjective 1.

(especially of clothing) flattering a person’s appearance. flattering, attractive, lovely, pretty, handsome, fetching.

“what a becoming dress!”



the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state.

I think we all want to be perceived like the adjectives above (attractive, lovely, pretty etc.), but consider the other positive words above, such as: continued rebirth, potentiality, coming to be something.

I believe that God created us to always be changing and becoming.  We are also programmed to be in a state of homeostasis/balance but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t growing.  Sometimes it is painful and hard, and you wonder why things are happening “to you”, but they really aren’t. They are happening “for” you. “Becoming” could be an opportunity for growth, introspection and learning. If we are out of balance, it will start to reveal itself.  Our mental health suffers, as does our physical health (eventually, your body will let you know you are out of sync).ass kicking

If you are considering doing some reflection and want to know if you are “becoming”, here are some questions to consider and ask yourself:
Are you growing, learning and transforming? Or are you staying static? Are you open to trying new things? How would you describe yourself right now? How do you define yourself? Do you let others define you? Are you a creative person? Are you using your time wisely?  Do you have a healthy perspective about yourself and your life? Do you know what is true about yourself? Are you living in that truth? What are your beliefs and values?  Who are the most important people in your life? Does money and status matter to you?  What makes you happy? What stresses you out? Why do you let things stress you out? Do you enjoy being out in nature? Do you have a belief in a higher power? What scares the crap out of you?  What are you truly grateful for? Do you have people who will kick you in the butt, when you need it and also let you cry on their shoulder?

There are so many more questions that you could ask yourself.  Here are a couple of sites to check out too.

be who you areSome of the questions, may require a lot of digging deep to reveal the answers and the real you. It will take courage, compassion and conviction.  Comfort and courage rarely go together. As Brene Brown says, “You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot have both.”

Of course there are always silly and easy ways to try and figure out who you are and if you are “becoming”.  I recently took one of those Facebook tests about who you are, and I wondered if the “mighty FB” could figure me out. It was a fun way to see how truthful it would be.


Here is what it said:

Artistic AdventurerYou are very artistic and you crave adventure. You strive to be a good natured person. You like to put others before yourself, but you have to remember it’s always good to treat yourself also. You love nature and animals, and to be outside all the time. You have a fierce side as well, but only to the people that deserve it. You have trust issues, because you have been hurt so many times. You have a great sense of humour and there should be so many more people out there that are like you. You are one of a kind.


This was pretty much right on the money, and even the things that weren’t quite right, made me wonder if they should be…like “craving adventure”?  I really don’t think that I crave adventure, although my husband would be happy if I did! HA! How I love this word and all that it means for me. I would love if it meant something to you too. Consider how it might change your life, if you took some time to reflect on who you are, and how you show up in the world.

If you do some reflection and want to share, please reach out to me and let me know.  I would be honoured to hear your story.

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori

A “Dear Lori” Letter

A “Dear Lori” Letter

Dear johnRecently, I was tasked to write a Dear John letter to my old self, in a nutrition course that I am currently taking. As you might know, I have a challenging and conflicted relationship with food and fitness, and this is what I feel makes me relatable to my clients. I try to be as transparent as I can be while helping them to look within themselves to see what old messages and old patterns they might be bringing on their journey with them.

So, in all transparency and in an effort to help others, my clients and my friends, I am choosing to share my Dear Lori letter with you. I hope that it stirs something within you, or propels you forward to perhaps write your own Dear ______ letter to your old self. (If you do write your own letter, send me a message or find me on FB and let me know)grace

This was not an easy thing to do, and I urge you to offer yourself grace and compassion if you choose to write your own letter.  For some of you, it may be that you get angry, or you cry, or you are compassionate. However you feel your “old self” will hear it, that is how you must write it.  For me, my old wounds come mostly from my childhood, so it was my child self that I had to be softer with. I chose to just write it, not really thinking too much about what I was writing, only how it made me feel as I was letting go of the old stuff.  It really was a cathartic exercise and one I am glad I did and I am glad to share with you.

In health and fitness

Coach Lori

Dear “old” me,

We have had a long run!  Since I was probably 10 years old I have had a roller-coaster ride with you.  Never feeling good enough, never feeling happy with myself, never feeling thin enough.  I watched you watching your mom always feeling the same way and you learned from her. She was a great mom in so many other ways but your brain took in all those patterns and started to put them on.Beautiful daughter

It was the 70’s and no one knew about sugar, or fat, or how processed foods would ruin our health. Plus you grew up in a grocery store for goodness sake….food and junk was always readily available.  And your 3:30 break from work pretty much always included a Pepsi and a chocolate bar/chips because you “deserved” it for all of your hard work.  You still feel you deserve food as recognition or reward!


I am not quite sure how you managed to drag all of this around with you for so long. But needless to say you dragged it into all of your friendships and your relationships and I can improveyour marriage.  A lot has happened to the old you….some scars that probably will never completely go away. But you have to know that hiding from feelings and covering them up and “dealing” with them with food is NOT the way to heal yourself. You need compassion and grace, acceptance and perseverance, courage and faith, strength and mindset….all the things that you haven’t had or given yourself!!!

You deserve better! You deserve to be fit and healthy and to REALLY love yourself for who you are and not what you look like.  I know you are unhappy with how you look right now, but change for the right reasons, not for some societal message or your old brain patterns telling you that you are not worthy because you are fat or unlikeable. I know you want love and connection and you want to feel significant but none of these things will be any different if you are thin!!!  Change for YOU, for your health and for wanting to be a great example for yourself; to show yourself you CAN DO IT!! 

say bye byeChange your thought process, love that little girl inside of you and tell her that it is not her fault.  She didn’t know any better, but you do. You have grown up now, and you are learning new tools to help with this part of your journey.

I am sorry that we have to end our relationship, because as you know, I do love a great long lasting connection, but ours has been unhealthy and I can’t be with you any longer.  I do love parts of you, but the painful and hurtful, unhealthy parts no longer serve me.

So goodbye, farewell, and thanks for what you have taught me that …. I am worthy of soooooo much more!I will beat her


My new self!

Be Radiant

Be Radiant


womens-retreatThis past weekend there was an annual gathering of some amazing, strong, empowered, business ass-kicking women trainers who I follow on social media. Unfortunately the weekend took place in the U.S. far away from where I live and I was unable to attend. The event is called the Radiance Retreat.  Isn’t that a great name for a Retreat for women?

Knowing I was missing the retreat had me wondering what they were going to be talking about and whether anyone had come back feeling more Radiant and then of course my mind started wandering and wondering what exactly does Radiant mean to women, and to me?

The Google definition of radiant is: sending out light; shining or glowing brightly. Synonyms: shining, bright, brilliant, glowing, luminescent, lustrous, dazzling, shimmering, resplendent  Sparkle necklace

I love all of these words but I would also add a few more to my definition of a Radiant woman: courageous, fearlessly authentic, healthy, truthful, faithful, amazing, loving, worthy, precious and nurturing.

While the retreat is called the Radiant Retreat, the theme this year was  Taking up Space.  So how does taking up space and being Radiant go together?

Recently on social media and certainly in the musings of the women I follow, there has been a lot of chatter about “taking up space” and “not shrinking ourselves” and “playing bigger”.

I have been feeling for some time that I’ve been holding myself back from taking up space. I have not been glowing, shining, dazzling, felt worthy or any of the other words in my definition or Google’s definition from above. I suppose a lot of how you show up in the world starts with Mindset (if you have been following me, you know this is my word for 2017)  Our transformation always begins in our minds!!Transforming your mind

I have been playing it small, shrinking back, minimizing my potential impact and all because of fear and listening to the broken record in my head that says I am not worthy, that I have nothing to say and that I am NOT radiant. Well you know what?……I am throwing the BS flag on this one!!!


I will be fearlessly authentic and show my vulnerabilities and my gifts to the world and I will shine!!!

As women, it’s not unusual to spend a lot of time trying to downplay our strengths and in Christian circles we are told not to be prideful!  We’re told by others and society to not be so bold, to soften ourselves, and to make our bodies smaller…all so we can take up less space.

Sometimes, we’re point blank told to sit down, shut up, and be less _______ (fill in the blank), and other times we are “gently encouraged or told to be smaller”, “lose weight”, “oh you have such a pretty face, if only you were thinner”, “you have a BIG personality” and on and on it goes!

5367795-i-am-not-bossy-memeI remember as a child being told that I was too outspoken and too bold. I was never rude so how could I have been too outspoken or too bold? We know we need to encourage in our young girls, these traits, of boldness, shining with empowerment, taking up space, being authentic and fearless.  (Rabbit trail….I do however think that the pendulum has also swung very wide sometimes when we see the kind of aggressive and offensive sexualized images of women in the media …IMO!!)

I have spent a lot of the years of my life trying to minimize my body and my voice, to make them conform, because I have listened to society’s values, and not my own (or God’s). Maybe you can relate?

However, I am realizing late in my life that I DO have something to say and that I CAN take up whatever space my life needs and I CAN show the world my gifts and talents without fear of rejection and ridicule because that is what I am called to do. That is why I was given this distinct personality and these gifts.

Does this take courage? Heck YES it does!!!!

Brene BrownEven the most brave, courageous women I know have felt not worthy, not courageous and not shiny BUT……they looked for ways to show up bigger in life, felt the fear, acknowledged it, and went for it!

We are all Radiant! We all have something to offer the world.  How will you open yourself up to the possibilities and shine?

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori

Total Body Transformation Moves

Total Body Transformation Moves

You may or may not know this but not all exercises are created equal!

push-up-exerciseWhile single joint exercises, like a bicep curl have their place in an exercise program, and they do target and isolate muscles they fail to offer other benefits.  Some of these other benefits such as mobility, balance, and stability can be achieved through developing secondary muscle groups in multiple joint exercises.

Exercises can vary greatly in level of difficulty, number of targeted muscles and effectiveness based on your goals.  Generally speaking, transforming your body with total body exercises using multiple joint exercises is far superior to trying to use single joint moves. These multiple joint exercises are often called compound or complex exercises. The difference is mostly semantics for the beginner or intermediate client. Squats, push ups, lunges, etc, offer you multi joint activation and more calories burned because they engage multiple muscle groups.

squat A compound movement can be defined as: Any exercise that engages two or more different joints to fully stimulate entire muscle groups and, indeed, multiple muscles. … More major muscle groups can be hit with a smaller number of exercises.

Complex exercises, are one form of these exercises. Some of the multijoint movements that you can perform include step-ups, lunges, leg presses, dead lifts, push-ups and squats. Step-ups engage the lower body muscles

When I am drafting a program for a client I typically use a lot of multiple joint exercises.  The 6 moves below create all over body shaping benefits while improving flexibility, strength and balance. These added benefits are very important to our well-being as we age. Keep in mind that all of these exercises, are also functional movements. This means that when you are learning to squat, you are also helping yourself to be able to get up and down off a chair, or the toilet. Shoulder presses, help with over head movements like reaching for something in your cupboards. Lunges help with balance and mobility/agility, which is so important in our older years. Push ups just make you feel completely bad ass as you do them, but they also are a functional movement. They bring upper body strength for carrying heavy loads and helping us to get up from a sitting position or fall.

Follow the workout provided or add them into your own routine.

Equipment Needed: Bench or chair, set of dumbbells – begin with light dumbbells from 3- 5-10 lb. and work your way up as you become stronger

What to Do: Perform 10-12 reps of each move with 30 seconds of rest in between.

Beginner: 2 sets
Intermediate: 3 sets
Advanced: 4 sets

Move up a level when your current level is no longer challenging!


  • Squats
  • Walking Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Shoulder Press
  • Push-Ups
  • Bench Dips

I hope you enjoy these 6 moves and will try them. Enjoy the videos below for some visual help with each move.  If you would like to chat more about these or other exercises or a program for yourself, feel free to contact me.

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori

Why I was “Sleepless in Seattle”!

Why I was “Sleepless in Seattle”!

I recently attended a fitness event in Seattle Washington.  This was no ordinary event. It was an event that I had wanted to attend for about 4 years.  This event was being facilitated by some of my favourite American women fitness gurus and (unbeknownst to them) mentors!

This year was THE year, despite having to travel all the way across the U.S. to get there and the cost and the travel hassles.  I did not care!  This was the year that I was putting myImage result for big girl panties business and myself first to learn some new things, meet new people and push myself out of my comfort zone. You see, it is outside of my comfort zone to travel alone. It is also outside of my comfort zone to book all of my own travel and accommodation requirements.  I am spoiled, because usually my wonderful husband does all of this and I just go along for the trip (literally)!  I really have to put my “big girl panties on” and adult my way through this kind of stuff.  Of course I was fine and I knew I would be, but comfort is something that we all like to feel and this was not it.

The event started with registration and a cocktail party to “meet” the facilitators who are the team from Girls Gone Strong.  I have been following this group of amazing women and have desired to meet them in person for so long, that to do so kept me awake the night before travelling and all the way to Seattle.  I managed to connect with a woman staying at my hotel, who was going to the event and we went to the registration and cocktail party together.  I am pretty good at putting aside my introvert tendencies and letting my extrovert come out…so I was fine in this environment.

What I was dreading was the next day, when the actual teaching, learning and networking started.  This is what kept me “Sleepless in Seattle”!!!

You see, I have been in the fitness industry for only a few years but I have been a Image result for badass fitness ladiespassionate long time fan and student of all things fitness for pretty much my whole life. But this by no means translates to the knowledge and expertise that was in this conference room.  And I don’t just mean from the GGS ladies (Molly Galbraith, Erin Brown, Neghar Fonooni, Jen Sinkler, Jen Comas, Jill Coleman etc) who were speaking, I mean from the other participants. There were women in the room who have been coaching and speaking and participating in the fitness industry for decades. There were women there who have degrees in Kinesiology, and Fitness education, and Sports Management and Physical Therapy, and the list goes on and on and on.  Strong, able, capable, educated, business owners and badass (see picture of badass Sidney Bristow) women who take their own cities by storm and make a difference in their clients’ lives.

Image result for Seattle fish throwers
I felt like a fake, an imposter, a dud, like I didn’t belong. My feelings of insecurity came out in a rampant wave of self hatred, negative self talk and lack of self confidence and a feeling of just wanting to be a tourist and pretend that I was not meant to be in Seattle for a fitness conference.  I told myself, I could just visit the Pier, and Pikes place and whatever else Seattle had to offer. I could sit in the original Starbucks for the day and watch people go by. I could go to the fish market and watch the guys throw fish all day and NOT go to the conference.  OR……


I could again, put on my “big girl panties” and go and see what it felt like. And you know what?

It felt amazing!!!  The GGS team was so supportive and the room of women was so inclusive and so welcoming, that I instantly found my tribe who I hung out with for the entire weekend. I felt a little out of my depth at times, but I also spoke to a whole lot of women who felt the same way.  The more I opened up about myself and my struggles and my feelings, the more I got similar feedback from other ladies. The entire conference was not so much about fitness, but more about Women’s Strength and Empowerment.  In fact that is what it was advertised as, but being somewhat skeptical, I did not really think it would translate so well in a room full of women.  It is nice to see the tide slowly turning, and see women actually lifting each other up and supporting each other and embracing our individual fears and insecurities. It was mindblowingly refreshing!!

IMG_1013I decided midway through the morning of the first day, that if I had come all this way, I was going to “do all the things” (this is what my daughter says when she can’t decide what to do) that I was usually too afraid to do, or felt I wasn’t good enough to do. So, I went for lunch with strangers, I participated in some yoga shenanigans ( I don’t do yoga, YET), I took part in a freezing cold 6 am bootcamp, I ate food I wouldn’t normally eat, I participated in some hands on instruction with some new friends, did a video testimonial, and learned more about pelvic floors than I ever thought possible.

My insecurities were assuaged by speaking out loud and letting others know how vulnerable and inept I felt. I learned that others also felt the exact same way.  You know how teachers used to tell you there are no
stupid questions and that if you have one, probably someone else has the same question? This is the exact same concept.  Once I started owning up to my feelings and giving them a voice, I heard others saying the same thing.  I was not in this alone. I was not the only one and once we collectively realized this, we all stepped into our power. You could feel the mood, the atmosphere, the tide, almost the air in the room change as women let down their guards and let their true selves show through.  It was a wonderful and amazing!

On my second and third night, I was also sleepless, but for other reasons; excitement over what would happen next and on my final night wondering what I would do with this new found reality, and confidence in myself when I got home.  I am not sure if anyone has seen a difference in me since my return from Seattle but I feel different. I feel like I can take the world by storm. I can “do all the things”!  I can take up exactly my Lori sized space in this world and quit believinRelated imageg that living and behaving small is OK.

I am so glad I was “sleepless in Seattle”. I learned that tossing and turning and worrying about things is futile and that by being you and owning your insecurities, you can open yourself up to possibilities that you never imagined.

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori

Are The Basics Boring?

Are The Basics Boring?

We live in a fast paced, get- it-now society.  But I am sure that is not news to you, as you race from one activity/meeting to the next while you pull through the drive thru, yet one more time this week. Then you rush to get home to see the kids or feed the kids or maybe the kids are falling asleep in the back of the car as you race home to put them to bed. Why do we feel the need to read magazines that offer us 5 new ways to lose weight or a 3 week diet plan to lose 20 lbs?  Because we want it fast and we want it now and we don’t want to put in extra hours that we just don’t seem to have! Plus the thrill of the fast and furious keeps our adrenaline pumping! We think we thrive on stress!

But I ask you, are the basics boring? Maybe to some!  Why do we dismiss the tried and true and proven strategies that work, for the “next best thing” that is on the market? Learning and applying the basics is pretty much at the root of everything we do.  Would you attempt to make a gourmet meal if you don’t even know how to turn on the stove or boil water?  I think not!

So, I am going to give you both today, 5 (to appease the fast and furious crowd), simple/easy but not boring strategies for your health and fitness.

  1.  Eat mostlmacrosy real, minimally processed foods. This means eating lots of plant based foods (eg, vegetables, fruit, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds). Include lean poultry, meat, seafood, eggs (nature’s best whole protein) and dairy products.
  2. Strength train 2-4 days per week. Obviously this senior-woman-lifting-weights-on-fit-ballwill be according to your time availability and preferences.  This can be a great gym workout, a gym class or a workout in your home basement.  Make sure that these workouts are weight bearing and use compound movements (eg.  Exercises that use more than one joint at a time and more than one muscle group). Try to improve your performance a little bit every time you train.
  3. Move, move, move! This is such a hard one for so many of us, myself included. We spend far too much time sitting on our butts every day and do not move around like our ancestors did or even our parents or grandparents did.  We do have technolostepsgy on our side though with Fitbits and pedometers available to count our steps.  Try to get 10,000 steps/day.  Some ideas on how to attempt this;
    park far away from your destination and walk, walk up the flights of stairs to your office instead of taking the elevator, get off the bus to and from work, a stop or 2 before your stop and walk the rest of the way, walk to the far bathroom at your work. Get creative with how you manage your steps! Do something every day that requires you to move more.
  4. Get enough sleep! We are a sleep deprived culture. Research shows that stress levels and the hormone cortisol goes up when we do not get adequate sleep.  And if you are menopausal, this is worrisome because you already are not getting restful sleep, and if you don’t goodnite-sleepget enough sleep, its a double whammy! Both quality and quantity matter.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up! If you miss a workout, make a mistake on nutrition or fail completely, be compassionate with yourself.  permission for compassionHealth and fitness and certainly life are not meant to be perfect. Perfection is a concept that has ruined many a journey, life, relationship and a person. Show yourself some grace and move on.  Do something positive for yourself. Take action and move forward. Do not let the past or your past mistakes rule over you.

These 5 strategies are about doing them to the best of your current ability and doing them most of the time for long period of time (can you say life style habits).  Consistency is key in just about everything and these strategies are no different.  They are simple but not necessarily easy to implement.  They may take some work on your part and maybe you won’t be able to do all 5 at the same time; although they do work in conjunction with each other. If 5 still seems like a lot, try just one and see how you feel after 2 weeks….I bet you feel a whole lot better.

Once you have consistently practiced these strategies for a couple of months and have the “boring” basics down you won’t need to look for the next best thing, because you will feel so fantastic that you won’t need it.

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori



Bikini Ready?  Let’s Love Ourselves First!

Bikini Ready? Let’s Love Ourselves First!

Love your body

It’s almost the end of February and already I can feel  Spring in the air.  With that sniff of Spring, comes the inevitable mention of Summer and people wanting to get ready to wear their summer clothes, and specifically to look good in their bathing suits!  I get it, in fact, it’s my business to get it.  I understand that people want to look better, feel better and be healthier, and I will offer my services to help them, BUT…….

Do you want to be bikini ready?  Or do you want to love the skin you are in?

It’s not hard at all to be bikini ready.

You have a body, you put on a bikini and you stop worrying what other people will think!

We obsbikini bodyess over what we look like, what others will think, and how social media will observe us, which is a bit creepy if you ask me.  But we shouldn’t!!  We need to love ourselves just as we are right now.  Just like the 2016 Special K commercial suggests, #own it.  (Google this commercial if you haven’t seen it)! This is how we change the world’s perception, society’s “norms” and the media’s strangle hold over our bodies, our self esteem and our body image. As women, we are so influenced by what others think, and by so called celebrity culture, but why? Do we not realize that almost all of the magazines are air brushed, and that celebrities are just people who bleed red just like you and me?

Why do we obsess, as soon as the snow starts to melt that we don’t or won’t look good? We need to start taking up our own space in the world, and really learn to love ourselves and our bodies as they currently are. Yes, we can want to make changes…I know I am always striving for better technique in the gym, better nutrition and heavier lifts.  We are works in progress and making small changes each day, goes a long way to making our selves better, fitter and healthier.

If you do want to make changes to your lifestyle, fitness, or nutrition get in touch with me. I am happy to help.

Below are some strength training exercises that are beneficial to get you started to a healthier you….and to love the skin you are in!

If you are going for overall fitness, try doing a circuit. Try to do 8-10 reps of an exercise, move right into the next exercise and complete a circuit of 6 exercises. Do the circuit 3-4 times.  Do a lower and an upper body then add in a cardio burst (of 10 reps or 20-30 seconds).  I typically do all of my ab work at the end of my circuit training, but it’s a personal preference.

Cardio enhancing:  Jumping jacks, plyometric lunges, jump squats, mountain climbers, burpees, squat thrusters, frog jumps, hamstring buttkicks, and tuck jumps

Upper body: tricep dips, push ups, bicep curls, shoulder presses, front lateral raises, side lateral rais0x1a0125es, deltoid flys.

Lower body: squats, plie squats, goblet squats, curtsy lunges, side lunges, reverse lunges, crab walk, band walks, glute/hip bridges

Ab work: crunches, Russian twists, deadbugs (hand to heels obliques), double leg lifts, bicycle crunches, plank, side plank, up and down planks, birddog, supermans, flutterkicks.

Remember, you have a body, put a bikini on it and love the skin you are in!!

In health and fitness,

Coach Lori

Set Yourself Up For Success

Set Yourself Up For Success

successI have been meaning to write this post for a while now but after my Jan 27th post about coaches needing help, I really knew I needed to write it.  When you are struggling, the last thing you want to do or hear, is how to be successful.  Don’t we all just want to wallow in our struggle for a while?  But, if you want to achieve your goals, move forward in any way, shape or form, you need to GSD (get shit done)!!! So, I decided to quit the pity party and get on with it!

In order to move forward with re-integrating and re-learning my healthy eating habits my coach suggested that I reorganize my pantry, fridge and freezer(s). The freezers and fridge had been done previously.  Now, if you know anything about me, I love to organize and plan (re-tired wedding planner, remember?!)  However, the thought of doing THIS organizing sent me into anxiety mode.


50679789147__3B2DDB39-DABD-457F-B902-0905570205E3But in an effort to GSD, I threw caution to the wind one day and pulled everything out of one side of my pantry (I have a 2 sided pantry). I looked at the mountain of food and was horrified and paralyzed! Then I remembered what I was supposed to do….throw out any food that I hadn’t touched in 6 months, was expired or was just not plain good for me (processed, high in sugar, or bad fats). This was a great realization but the voice of my mother kept running through my head…”how can you throw that out, that’s so wasteful”.

So, what did I do? Needing help, I texted my coach/nutritionist and said, “I’m stuck”. Her reply was “Practice letting go! Practice letting go of the crap, – crappy food, crappy emotions, crappy food, crappy feelings, crappy food, crappy body.  Think of how free you are going to feel when you release this stuff”.  That struck a HUGE chord in me and I started chucking things in a green garbage bag!  I started with the easy stuff and whittled the pile down to half the size. The food that was not healthy for me, and was not expired I put in a box and will take it to the food bank or the bins at Loblaws. Then I looked at what I had left and knew there were still some things that I was holding on to, for “treat days”, and for baking treats (my go-to stress release). And I knew, in my heart and mind that this was NOT ok.  I needed to release these things to gain the freedom over my long engrained unhealthy nutrition habits!  As I came to this realization, Andrew (hubby) came home and was shocked at what I was doing but when I explained what was happening, he looked at a half used bag of marshmallows ( for Krispie squares) and took the clip off of them and chucked them with great force into the bag and
said “we don’t need these”!  I was so shocked and so proud.  It has taken me quite a lot of cajoling and preaching sometimes to get him on board with healthy nutrition.  Don’t get me wrong, he is supportive of ME, but doing it for himself, he would rather not.  We are working on it.

With more things gone and feeling a huge sense of accomplishment, I went on a shopping mission to buy some containers for my reduced pantry.  The Dollarama and Walmart had just what I was looking for. I came home and started labelling (thanks to my daughter, Casey’s beautiful script) jars and containers and filling them with healthy food.

I then texted my coach and told her I was done and sent her the before and after pictures. She asked how I felt and I said “Amazing”.  I felt so accomplished, free, and like I had set myself up for the success that I knew I wanted to achieve.

The next day, I did the other side of the pantry and then walked Andrew through where some things had been shifted to.  I still have one shelf that is very low in the pantry that has some not so healthy things, like tortilla chips, popcorn, crackers, and some dark chocolate (when you just NEED some chocolate), but because it is down low, I typically don’t even think about it and it certainly isn’t at eye level to tempt me!

IMG_0582  IMG_0581

50688543065__E61E062F-FC12-4917-BC43-2C1BA9213F6E  IMG_0636

I am so proud of this accomplishment and how organized and “pretty” my pantry looks.  It has spurred me on to make healthier choices and to make healthier meals for us. I encourage you to take a look in your pantry and possibly do the same exercise. The feeling of freedom from unhealthy food, cannot be denied.

success quote

Here’s a short list of what to do:

  • Empty your pantry and clean shelves
  • Throw out food that is expired, you haven’t used in 6 months or is unhealthy (if you need some tips on what is unhealthy, message me and we can chat)
  • Organize in your space/table things that go together: baking supplies, canned goods, health stuff (protein powder, etc), drinks (tea, coffee), organic food (onions, potatoes, gourds) etc
  • Buy containers to put food into so that your pantry looks and feels organized and “pretty”.
  • Move shelves if you need to accommodate your new containers
  • Put food on shelves so that unhealthy food is lower or non existent (remember, if you shouldn’t eat it, neither should your spouse or kids! This is hard because so many of us “love through food”)
  • Take a step back and enjoy the accomplishment
  • Have a cup of tea, a glass of cucumber/basil infused water and pat yourself on the back!
  • YOU DID IT!!!

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Coach Lori

The Superhero of Vitamins: B Complex

The Superhero of Vitamins: B Complex


All vitamins are amazing and we need them in our diets but in my opinion  B vitsuperheroesamins are
the Superheroes of all the Vitamins! There are 8 B vitamins:  B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, commonly referred to as B complex.  We require all of them and can get them from consuming a whole food diet but like most people, myself included, we do not do a very good job of eating a whole food diet all of the time.  So we may need to supplement with a B Vitamin complex.

B Vitamins are essential for our health and well being. They are crucial in keeping our bodies running like a well-oiled machine. They help extract energy from our food and convert it into fuel and allow us to stay energized throughout our day. You may recognize the B vitamins that you consume via different names: B1-Thiamin, B2-Riboflavin, B3-Niacin, B5-Pantothenic acid, B6-Pyridoxine, B7-Biotin, B9-Folic Acid, and B12 (Mr Popular)-Cyanocobalimin.  Each of these B vitamins has a different unique Superpower, just like Superheroes. All B Vitamins help with concentration, better support for nerve, heart, blood, skin and eye health. They also reduce inflammation, improve hormone function and can help maintain a healthy metabolism and digestive system.

With that in mind, let’s get into the unique qualities of each B vitamin and why you should consider taking it.

images (8)


B1 – Thiamin: Strong mind and body.  B1 plays a crucial role in energy metabolism including the growth and development and function of cells.  Thiamin deficiency can cause confusion, short term memory loss, muscle weakness and cardiovascular issues.


increased energy


B2 – Riboflavin:  Boosts energy and mood and slows aging. B2 is essential for proper body function and improves our body’s ability to process fats and proteins. It also helps to regulate thyroid activity.  It can also improve skin issues like acne and may even prevent migraines.  Riboflavin deficiency can include anemia, sluggishness, skin inflammation, skin disorders, mood swings, depression and anxiety.




B3 – Niacin: Gets our blood and energy pumping. B3 helps increase blood circulation, pumping blood to our hearts, and our muscles during a workout. Niacin can help lower cholesterol levels and control them, and it has been found very effective in treating and managing diabetes. B3 also boosts your energy and mood and can increase blood flow and help create sex hormones.


B5 – Pantotfind-your-calmhenic Acid: Reduces stress. B5 is often used to treat mental health issues like depression, anxiety and chronic stress.  It also alleviates, allergies, hair loss, asthma, heart and respiratory disorders. B5 deficiencies are rare but could include fatigue, depression, insomnia, muscle cramp and stomach issues.


beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

B6 – Pyridoxine: Eases pain and stress, while improving sleep. B6 supports major bodily functions, including movement, energy expenditure, memory and blood flow.  It also creates antibodies from our immune system and shields us from stress and sickness. It plays a huge role in our mood and sleep patterns because it helps the body produce serotonin, melatonin and our stress hormone, norepinephrine. A B6 deficiency may be linked to migraines, chronic pain, mood disorders, muscle pains, low energy and fatigue.


skin hair nails



B7- Biotin: Improves skin, hair and nails. Most women recognize the word biotin from our cosmetics and shampoos. It can improve our skin, hair and nail health but also nerve, digestive and cardiovascular functions.  Biotin deficiency symptoms may include, dry skin, brittle hair, weak nails, muscle aches, mood changes, cramps and tingling in the limbs.




baby feet

B9 – Folic acid: Fights depression and rejuvenates the body. B9 is responsible for replacing old cells with new healthy ones and keeping our bodies renewed. It is helpful in  preventing heart issues, stroke, cancer and as most pregnant women know, helps prevent birth defects during pregnancy. It is also used for memory loss, restless leg syndrome, weak bones, sleep problems and nerve and muscle pain. B9 deficiencies include anemia, memory loss, cracked skin and can     lead to osteoporosis, bowel cancer, heart palpitations and birth defects.



B12 – Cobalamin: Combats fatigue and boosts brain function. B12 is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world!  B12 improves your mood, energy, memory, heart, skin, hair and digestion AND it also can address adrenal fatigue, and metabolic functions. It is incredibly important for our nervous system and can help boost our brain function.  One of the most common signs of B12 deficiency is chronic fatigue, stress and feeling run down.  Also signs to look out for,
joint pain, poor concentration, poor memory, anxiety, abnormal heart issues such as palpitations, poor dental health and digestive issues. Vegans and vegetarians maybe at risk for B12 deficiency because this vitamin is largely found in meat and dairy.

So, as you can see B vitamins truly are the Superheroes of the Vitamin world. I can honestly say that since I added a GOOD B complex supplement to my day I have seen a marked improvement in my mood, my energy level, my outlook and my mental clarity.

B vitamins are water soluble and need to be replenished daily and you may want to consider getting some of these vitamins from whole food sources such as:

  • Green leafy vegetables B2 and B9weights and food
  • Eggs B7 and B12
  • Chicken B3, B6, B12
  • Citrus fruits B9
  • Nuts B3 B9
  • Kidney beans B1, B2
  • Bananas B6 B7
  • Vitamin B5 is found in almost all foods!

So if you want improved concentration, better moods, more energy for your life and your workouts and improved health and wellbeing, consider whether you are getting enough B Vitamins and check with your health care professional about your needs.

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Coach Lori