FJ Testimonials

I have met with Lori Hurrell on three separate occasions. At our first meeting I was introduced to her home training fitness business.
I am a very busy mother of three teenagers and a shift worker and so being able to meet in my own home at my convenience is of great benefit to me.
I especially like the privacy of being in my own home and it is also a big timesaver. I do not have consistent shifts and so Lori’s business provides me the flexibility I need.
I have tried other fitness programmes before, but they lacked the personal attention that I need to stay motivated. Lori has been very supportive and encouraging to me. She has already taught me a lot about my personal health and fitness. She makes me feel at ease and I don’t feel self conscious with her.
I am interested in continuing with Lori in the future because I feel it is time to start taking care of myself and I feel that having Lori as my mentor , trainer and encourager is what I need to reach my goal of good mental and physical health. Sandra G.
Lori is a terrific trainer! She really helped me through a tough time with just the right amount of understanding and encouragement. Lori pushed me through on days I couldn’t even push myself. xoxAmy M.

Lori and I have talked about her in-home training/fitness business. As it turns out, her dream is a dream-come-true for me as well! I have desired for some time now to begin a fitness/training program in order to feel healthier and to build up strength and endurance   I have made the intimidating visits to gyms in the area and been “interviewed” by personal trainers (who would better be described as ‘high-pressure-salepeople’) – and I never went back!

Training in my own home eliminates the intimidation and embarrassment factors. As I am no longer able to drive, it will be much more convenient. It addresses the issue of sticking with the program, as Lori will come to me – the success of the program will not rely on me getting myself out the door, and catching a bus there and back; a real time-saver for me! I cannot afford expensive gym memberships and trainers, expensive home exercise equipment, and a new gym wardrobe.

I have tried many times to create my own exercise program, I have looked at online programs and dvds – nothing has worked. I have a number of health problems that make traditional training programs difficult or impossible to accomplish. I will adapt them and try to stick to it on my own – to no avail. Illness or other distractions interrupt my attempts and then winter comes and even a walking program fails. I need someone to hold me accountable and to encourage me to keep going. I need a fitness program that is created specifically for me, that takes into consideration my limitations and serious health concerns.

Lori has offered me all of this and more. Most importantly for me, Lori is offering me HOPE. Some doctors have said that I just “have to learn to live with it.” At 56 years young, I am not ready for the rocking chair yet! These same doctors admit that retiring to my rocking chair will lead to a loss of mobility and an earlier death, but they just do not know what to tell me. I feel stuck – trapped by my medical circumstances. Lori has offered me the chance to return to a healthier, more mobile version of me. She knows I come with unique challenges and is undeterred in her enthusiasm and belief that we can do this together. She refuses to allow me to give up and accept defeat. I know she will not let me give up when training becomes difficult. She is a natural encourager and mentor! She inspires me to believe that we can meet and exceed my goals for fitness. She is able to remove the barriers I faced in my attempts to reach this goal on my own. She offers hope where hope was lost. I know that she will do the same for countless others who are ready to give up. Connie L.