Personal Training


Drop and give me 20!!! Come on, get up….you’ve got 10 more burpees!! These might be quotes from some of the TV personality trainers you have seen and I think the vast majority of people don’t really know what a personal trainer does. They may motivate some people but this is not the approach I take with my clients. That is why I consider myself a coach and not just a trainer. I believe in a mind, body, spirit, holistic approach to fitness and wellness. Helping clients create and sustain a healthy lifestyle is the most important part of my job, in my opinion. Creating this healthy lifestyle includes fitness, proper nutrition, good sleep habits, and relaxation time.

coachingI motivate, educate, encourage, provide guidance on nutrition, listen, talk them off ledges, counsel, and generally support them. I also hold them accountable to their goals and help them take the steps needed to achieve those goals. My role as I see it, is to be their coach, to inspire them to realize that they have all they need inside of themselves to reach for the stars.

My process starts with a complimentary “success consultation” where I find out who you are, what your goals are and how we might be successful in helping you reach those goals. We will discuss your past experiences, habits and nutrition.

From there, we would book sessions, where I would come to your house at your convenience. The program that we would embark on would be suited to your level of current fitness with progressions in order to meet your goals.

Generally sessions are 45 minutes long and include a dynamic warm up, a training session, and a cool down/stretching period. I believe in working with the client to teach them proper movement and proper form because learning proper form is very important going forward in your fitness journey. If you are just going through the motions without proper form you won’t get the desired results that you want.

I chose this career path, or rather it chose me because I am a born motivator and encourager. I love working with clients and getting them excited about fitness. Training and exercise can be hard and finding the time to fit it in is also hard. Having a trainer come to you is a great way to save time, get motivated and learn proper technique, and gain some accountability for your fitness journey.